Model portfolio - NASDAQ

We use Nasdaq-100 index as one of the benchmarks against which we measure performance of the model portfolios. We also use the index as one of the components of the buy-and-hold portfolio, and also of the trend following portfolio.

Nasdaq-100 index holds largest non-financial securities listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market. It is often referred to as technology index - since the top 10 holdings include 8 technology companies and together they account for about 45% of the index.

For trading and tracking purposes, we will use QQQQ - an exchange traded fund that mimics the Nasdaq-100 index. Here are top ten holdings of the QQQQ - unlike S&P 500, it is not well balanced - Apple Inc alone is 12% of the index. However, it is a pretty good proxy for high-tech industry, and to a lesser extent, biotech.

APPLE INC                  12.31% 
CISCO SYS INC               3.83%
EBAY INC                    1.95% 
GILEAD SCIENCES             2.25% 
GOOGLE                      5.35% 
INTEL CP                    2.94% 
MICROSOFT CP                6.34% 
ORACLE CORP                 2.52% 
QUALCOMM INC                4.61%

We invite you to check with us now and then and see how the portfolios are doing. 2008 is shaping up to be a very interesting year.




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