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"Life accumulates - you can accumulate treasure, or you can accumulate regret..." - Jim Rohn

Our topic of interest is Wealth - what is wealth, how to acquire it, how to protect it, how to enjoy your wealth, and how to pass it on to future generations. Please bookmark this site and visit regularly.

We are starting a review of internet based business - what kinds are there, how easy and how difficult they are to get into. But first things first - check out what it takes to get a domain name and a hosting plan. Realistically, an internet business requires at least one hosting account, and at least one domain. GoDaddy is one of the least expensive and reliable providers:

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Book of the Month
Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom
With stock market falling off the edge of the Earth, this book is as timely as ever. Van Tharp - one of the best trading coaches in the world - provides examples of strategies that anybody can implement - this is the book for the rest of us, not for the hard core traders (though they would do well to read it - might learn a thing or two). Tharp explains risk control, and how to create strategies that can be implemented by people who hold normal jobs, thus have limited time to watch their portfolios. One of the best, most practical investment books of all time - it costs as little as commission on 1 trade. Get it now.

Celebrity Apprentice - Gene Simmons Rulez!
June Market Outlook:
Stocks, Currencies, Interest Rates

Model portfolios - Live test of buy-and-hold vs. market timing - updated June 28th, 2008
Portfolio SPY QQQQ ADRE Buy&Hold Trend Following Dividend Active Trding
2008 YTD%-11.89%-10.74% -7.08% -9.90% 1.5% 7.77% 0.57%
this week-3.05%-3.73% 0.41% -2.12% cash -2.79% -0.27%
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Idea to Ponder:

In good times and bad (and especially during bad times) those truly wealthy buy assets - do you? Warren Buffet was adding to his stock market holdings all through the first quarter correction. Did you? Right now, real estate is seriously down - have you considered adding to your real estate holdings?

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Another Money Saving Tip:

yearly savings: $ 1000
15 year savings (invested at 8%): $ 27152

Pay cash - leave credit cards at home. This sounds silly, but somehow there is a real emotional difference between paying with plastic, and having to part with cold, hard cash. We are all a lot more reluctant to surrender cash.

Cumulative value of money saving tips: $6070/year - click here to see Money Saving Tip Archive

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